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Jenn Bergeron, the Assistant Director of Finance at the Providence Biltmore, Curio Collection by Hilton, came up with an idea to keep the positive motivation that the Management team has, and to spread it among the rest of the Team Members: All 19 managers were given a hotel team roster and enough “thank you” cards to write a personalized note to each of the 180 Team Members in the hotel. That’s almost 3,500 notes! They had two weeks to hand write a personalized message on each card. The cards were small, so they could write a quick message of encouragement (“You’re a superstar!”) or mention something outstanding that the Team Member had done. Short and sweet, to the point, and meaningful!

The cards were collected and inserted into envelopes for each Team Member along with a letter from the General Manager and a bracelet that was imprinted with “gratitude” and “appreciation.” The bracelet colors complemented the uniforms, so every Team Member and manager in the hotel can wear it as a reminder of how thankful we are for what each of us brings to the Hotel, for our guests, and for each other.

The cards and bracelets were distributed on December 30, and the project was a big hit!




Posted on Jan 3, 2017

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Anonymous (Hilton Recruiting) says

It’s the little things that mean a lot – appreciation and gratitude for a team that works together to “spread the light and warmth of hospitality” is always great to see!

Commented on January 5, 2017

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