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Tips to Take Guest Service From Good to GREAT!

We’re coming up on Customer Service Week (Oct. 1-5). Get ready to recognize your Team Members and all the hard work that goes into making guests happy, comfortable, and excited to return.

Customer Service Week is the perfect time to thank Team Members. Try holding a group lunch, passing out low-cost thank you treats such as candy or certificates, or recognizing Team Members in front of their peers. You may also walk the hotel and talk with Team Members one-on-one, thanking them personally for their dedication and hard work. After all, the best way to get Team Members to perform at their best is to remind them how much they’re appreciated.

If you feel like your guest service scores could use a boost, try out these six tips from Management Today.

1. Help employees to see their customers as human beings by putting themselves in their shoes and analyzing their own service.

2. Encourage employees to bring out their own personalities, rather than relying on a checklist or process.

3. Customer service is an emotional experience, so it is important to treat it in this way.

4. Involve them in developing ideas for what they can do to deliver great customer service.

5. Ask employees what processes get in the way of serving customers well – this may be something you can change for them

6. Show every employee how they each play a key role in helping the business to achieve its customer vision.

Get involved! Make guest service a personal, fun experience.

Try this: Encourage Team Members to treat guests like family. When they interact with a guest, have them think, “Is that how I would want my sister to be treated if she were a guest here? What about if it were my mother?”

Guest service is the foundation of what we do, but it can’t happen without recognition. Let Team Members know they’re valued, and they’ll do the same for your guests!

Posted on Aug 13, 2012

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