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Trucks Run on Food at Environmentally Sustainable Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel.

Hilton Stockholm Slussen is an environmental certified hotel. In this we sort in around 23 different fractions. One of them is food waste. Everything from banana-shells and potato skins to coffee-grounds. Last month we gave away 4,55 tons, corresponding to 498 litres of fuel for the truck that picked up the food waste. The residue, which includes plant nutrients, is sent to farmers in Huddinge (outside Stockholm) for use on their fields. This means that the truck that picks up our food waste go on our food waste. Cool, isn’t it?

Posted on Nov 28, 2012

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

Verena Wogatai says

I was lucky enough to work at Hilton Stockholm Slussen at the time when it became a Hilton in 2002 – coming from southern Europe at the time it was an imersion into the Nordic way of greener living – simply great. Sweden was really ahead of Europe already then with loads of projects that have over time also become more normal for the rest – it’s really good to see that Hilton Stockholm Slussen just keeps up the good work !

Commented on December 10, 2012

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