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Using a Traveling Catcher’s Mitt to Build Excitement!

Catch Me at My Best puts the lots of fun into recognition. Not only do our employees have a great time participating but our program was such a success! The first thing we did is hang all of the cards in the break room. Then we selected the best “catches” of the week and voted on winners for the front and back of the house. Everyone was so excited to see the great prizes awarded to the win received great prizes!

To help celebrate this great program we had a traveling catcher’s mitt and it was a big hit! We filled this with goodies and the mitt was awarded to the manager that handed out the most catches for that week! The next week, the mitt was filled with a prize from the previous week’s manager and passed along to the new winner!

We also reviewed all the catches daily. To keep things fresh we award prizes weekly at our Operations Meeting!

Posted on Jul 28, 2009

Topic(s): Catch Me at My Best

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