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Using Housekeeping Week to Say “Thank You” to Our Top SALT Performers.

Dear All,

It’s good to find some one who cares about you in sad moments but it’s better to find some one share happiness with you. In Hilton Hurghada Long Beach we found all support with our Housekeeping to share the International Housekeeping Week activities with the team, starting from the General Manager who insists to be with the team and saying thanks to Housekeeping team passing by our Director of operation who approved and followed up our daily planner activities and covered by the whole care of our Human Resources. It’s great to work with a team like this who cooperate with us to share happiness and thanks to all Housekeeping and laundry team for all our efforts during the last year when we got more than 98% Q.A. Score during the last two years. When we got best SALT results Department in 2009 with the other achievements.

Also it was great chance for me as Executive Housekeeper to insist to say Big Thank you team about all your efforts and as I’m always says to you I’m proud to be in this team.

Attached are some of the International Housekeeping week celebration day photos with our Hotel management.

Thank you All.
Best Regards.

Posted on Sep 19, 2010

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