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We Serve, We Share, We CARE

DoubleTree by Hilton Shenyang is focusing our efforts on strengthen our local community in celebration of the first Global Month of Service. In this golden harvest season, the team from DoubleTree by Hilton Shenyang went to support our local community – Guanling Village in Fushun which is our long-term partnership & we have supported since January 2015. The team volunteered on a number of different activities throughout the day to support the projects- helping a poor elder farmer whose children are disabled to pick corns, visiting left-behind children’s grandparents who are busying with harvest in the farmlands and going to clean the whole village. Throughout the day, 1,500kg corns were picked for the poor farmer with the team’s efforts. The elder poor farmer was so appreciative that we could reach out to him when he is in need. As Global Month of Service brings our Vision to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality to life, four Team Members from the team formed into a special group, went to visit the harvesters who worked in the farmland with food, the villagers were curious about who we are and why we do this, we explained that the culture & meaning of Global Month of Service to them, the villagers said they are so happy to see us when they are working hard in the farmland, our visit eased their tired during harvesting. The team also went into the Guanling Village, where the left-behind children live. We walked through the village and cleaned the village by picking up trash to contribute in keeping the village clean, 5 big black bags’ rubbish were collected in the village. The day was spent in the enjoyment of service, all the team members felt joyful for delivering inspired service to the lovely farmers of Guanling village in this sunshine autumn. Let’s continue to extend our Hilton hospitality and passion for service into the communities where we live, work and travel!

Posted on Nov 2, 2015

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