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Welcoming a Bride & Groom With a Touch of Creativity!

We saw this idea in “The Rec Room” earlier this week. We knew we had a bride and groom staying with us tonight. We decided to be a little creative and see what we could come up with. Here it is!! Hope you like it! We can’t wait for the bride and groom to get to their room so that we can find out what they think!!!

It was a great way to spend a quiet Saturday morning with the staff. I’m MOD today.. not all the time do I like to be stuck in my office! This was a great way to get the entire team involved, as well as other hotel guests! We didn’t know how to tie a tie, so one of the relatives of the bride and groom gave us a helping hand!!

Great times!!


Posted on May 1, 2010

Topic(s): Mastering CRM - Guest Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

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