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When it Comes to Recognition, Do ONE Thing.

Can one really make a difference? You bet! When it comes to recognition, it only takes one person doing one thing to make a difference for a Team Member.

Get in the habit of doing one thing every day to make your team feel valued. It could be as small as friendly hello. It could be as easy as a handwritten thank you note or sincere certificate. It could be as simple as helping Housekeeping make beds, holding tools for Maintenance, or brewing fresh coffee for Food and Beverage. You can even take 15 minutes and make a Spirit Award nomination! Whatever you pick today, make sure it tells your team that you’re interested and value them.

If we all do just one thing to recognize Team Members every day, that’s 365 acts of recognition per year! We’ll create a culture of recognition before we realize it. If you do one thing to recognize your team every day, you’ll soon create a culture of recognition at your hotel. This is a culture where Team Members are excited to work their hardest because they know you value and appreciate them. It’s where everyone feels great about working toward a common goal.

So what’s the power of one? A whole lot. Add a line to your daily to-do list to remind yourself to make your team feel important. Download the Recognition Datebook for a year’s worth of easy, meaningful recognition.


Posted on Apr 19, 2013

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, Thought Leadership

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