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When Spirit of Hilton Winner Phillip Clausen Takes Ownership of a Problem, the Day is Saved.

Recognizing Philip Clausen, Spirit of Hilton Winner, August 2010

Philip Clausen has been the Chief Engineer for the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown since 1990. Team Members know that Philip’s favorite phrases are: “You can count on me” and “We’ll make it happen.” He is always one of the first people to step in and take ownership when there is a situation that requires immediate attention, no matter what time of the day or night it might be.

One evening shortly before midnight, Philip received a phone call from our hotel’s contract security guard informing him that one of our circulating valve gaskets in housekeeping’s laundry room blew and that there was water gushing everywhere. Philip immediately sprang into action by rushing out of his house while walking our security guard through the proper steps of shutting off the water. He was at the hotel within 20 minutes of the call and took over the situation.

When Philip arrived on property, two inches of water covered the floor of our laundry room, corridor and fitness center. When guests woke up and Team Members started coming into work at 7 a.m., the only sign that something was going on were a couple of fans in the corridor. During the early hours of the morning, Philip contacted a disaster recovery team but had already extracted much of the water himself by the time they arrived. He led the team to pull off the fitness center floor, complete the full water extraction of all areas and relay the floor. The fitness center was fully operational by the early morning hours, so our guests were not inconvenienced at all. What could have been a huge disaster for the structure of our building and equipment turned into a situation in which we had very minimal damage thanks to Philip’s quick reaction and willingness to do whatever it took to take care of the crisis.

Philip is heavily involved and passionate about making our hotel as green as possible. This dedication to sustainability also positively affected our guests’ comfort that same morning. Two of our hot water heaters were down due to the blown gasket. However, our guests still woke up to nice, hot showers. Philip had previously installed a system in which the hot air generated by our laundry equipment is pulled in to heat our water. This not only recycles the hot air, but it allowed our water to stay hot enough for our guests even with two heaters down.

We at the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown want to thank Philip for his tireless dedication to our hotel and our guests. He really saved the day by taking ownership of a problem, as he has on many other occasions in the past twenty years. We are lucky to have a Chief Engineer whose knowledge and work ethic are equally high and who truly cares about our hotel. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to nominate Philip Clausen for the Spirit of Hilton award.

Posted on Jan 7, 2011

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