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Why not recognize everyday?

Recently, during the Catch Me At My Best program, I was recognized at our hotel with the most catches. It was a terrific honor…but the recognition I received was a reflection for our team, our hotel community. Just listening makes a difference in how we engage with our co-workers, our human assets, our service brokers, our brand representatives. In customer service, the mantra is ever present: RECOGNIZE + REWARD = REVITALIZATION. When we make a difference with external & internal customers…that connection is indeed-priceless. You know that feeling. Whether it’s on property and a guest says thank you. Or when you enjoy a beverage at your favorite place and the associates there say hello with a smile. As shared by Hilton, the program doesn’t end on August 31st, Catch Me At My Best is with us 365 days. That moment when you see, or experience in the moment and then take the time to say thank you. WHY NOT everyday? The/your reward will be like a stone being thrown into a calm glass lake. The ripples, your thank you, your recognition will PASS IT FORWARD to others. So, let me take this moment to say “thanks for reading.” Cheers!

Posted on Oct 12, 2015

Topic(s): Additional Ideas, Catch Me at My Best, Low-Cost Recognition

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