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Winning a Spirit Award is a Wonderful Experience!

Recently, I was awarded a Spirit Award from Hilton Worldwide. First, and foremost, I want to sincerely thank those who chose to pick me for this award. What an honor. I was totally caught off guard by this!

My General Manager, Corey Dooley, mentioned to me months ago that he had nominated me for an award of some sort. I was so pleased back when he told me, but never gave it another thought. I thought someone must have won it, and you know the saying of those movie stars…”It was just nice to be nominated” was what I had told my sister, Kathy. We had a great laugh and then…time just passed.

The experience was wonderful. The phone call in Corey’s office….the package they sent along…my pin…my plaque…my check…everything! It meant a great deal to me!

I will say…..the guests are my most favorite part of my job! The people connection. Making them feel welcome. Making them feel that our Homewood Suites “is” their home! Especially those who are either longterm or weekly visitors. Hotels can be cold and boring to be in. It truly is what the staff does, that makes all the difference!

Posted on Jun 22, 2011

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, The Spirit Award

Michael says

nice done!
it was a same feeling with me too. it gives me an energy to find more opportunity in terms of creating an extra service to our guest.

Commented on July 5, 2011

Beth says

Congratulations on your award! It really is a great honor!

Commented on August 22, 2011

Mary Engel says

Since I received my Spirit Award, I have gone from working in housekeeping to working in laundry. In addition to enjoying this job a great deal, I’ve also enjoyed the fact I am seeing more guests! I’m working on the first floor, but throughout the day, I’m on all of the floors. I’m able to greet more guests and offer help if they need it. I’m also able to ask them how their stay is, and see if there’s anything we can do to make their stay more enjoyable. No matter the age, I ask! You would be amazed how much it means to even the younger guests!

I’m not sure how often these (emails) are sent out to those who’ve received the award, but I really enjoy the opportunity to talk about the enjoyment I do have at my job, along with enjoying the working aspect! Making our guests ‘want to return’ or ‘remember us’ isn’t work. It’s fun! Just a week ago, I saw a family here on vacation. I said to them “You’ve been here before”! The wife/mother looked at me and said “We were”! I remembered their daughter’s sweet little face!

Have a great day!

Commented on August 24, 2011

Mary Engel says

I completely missed on acknowledging what you wrote Michael, and Beth too. My apologies! Thank you for your notes!

Commented on August 25, 2011

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