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Winning Spirit of Blue Energy Nomination.

This nomination was successful because of all the specific details. It goes beyond saying, “Paulo is good with young guests” and shows exactly how Paulo is good with young guests by illustrating the pool toys, makeshift beds, and snacks. The nomination also shows specifically how Paulo makes an impact outside of his department and makes a difference for teammates and guests.

Paulo is number one dealing with families due to way he genuine and intuitive approach, anticipating guests needs and creating unforgettable moments. Paulo also has always a special touch when taking care of events, from weddings to simple, small meetings. There are several examples of his outstanding hospitality attitude, these 3 are from the past 4 weeks. When hosting a dinner by the swimming pool there was a table with little children that where feeling tired as the event lasted some hours. As the parents where starting to get stressed, even if Paulo had already handled some toys to the children (he always has some stored for these occasions), he quickly managed to transform 3 swimming pool sun beds into 3 comfortable beds where the children quickly fell asleep, letting the parents enjoy the rest of the event, creating an unforgettable moment and impressing not only guests but all the colleagues that watched that lovely moment. During a Jewish event, one of the participants lost his kippah and was really sad as he didn’t feel comfortable to join the rest of the group without it. As in previous events on of these kippahs was left and we couldn’t identify the owner, Paulo managed to borrow this to the guests allowing him to participate in the group activities without feeling bad. Many situations like this one happened in other types of events where Paulo was always able to manage a shirt, socks or most commonly one the ties of his huge collection. When setting up events, Paulo is also the number recycling decorations or materials left by previous groups, from wedding bouquets to the most diverse table top decorations he always manage a way to re-utilize. The last time he did it was when a business group forgot to order top table decoration and he collected all the flower vases from the hotel in order to fill this gap, improving the room ambiance and impressing all the guests. In a full house day when a family with 2 children had a late arrival (2 am) due to a flight delay and had requested 2 extra beds that were not in place and there was no one from housekeeping working, Paulo managed to place the beds in the room and make them following all the housekeeping standards. Plus, without the guest asking he brought up milk, tea, cookies and 2 little toys transforming a critical situation into an unforgettable moment. ——— This actions resulted in: – improvement of SALT scores and repetitive business as the group of the pool event is considering to come back for the 3rd year, when normally they only keep the same place for 2 consecutive years, meaning a huge additional revenue – problem resolution with direct impact on guest satisfaction, even more relevant when some of the situations are not directly related with his role.



Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Topic(s): The Spirit Award

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