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Winning Spirit of CARE Nomination.

This nomination really shows that little actions can add up to something special. Not only does the nomination show that the Team Member is shows dedication to brand values in everything she does, but also how her positive attitude, willingness to help, and attention to detail make a specific and measurable difference for guests, teammates, and the hotel.

It is with great honor that I nominate Georgia Campbell for the Spirit of Care Award. Georgia has been with the property since it was built over 20 years ago where she joined the Team as a housekeeping laundry attendant. Georgia has always been a bright spot in everyone’s day. She exemplifies positive attitude and anyone that she comes in contact with her are instantly lifted to a new level of enrichment. Over Georgia’s tenure here, at the Doubletree, you will not find a person that can ever say that Georgia is having an off day or in a bad mood. You see, our Team goes to Georgia to get a “pick me up”. Her smile is one of those that only a grandmother can give. Her bright shining eyes focus on you and her smile gleams from ear to ear and her warm embrace around you can’t be beat. Over the years Georgia has become the unofficial leader of the housekeeping laundry department leading the Team on what needs to be washed in what order to ensure rooms are serviced and placed back in vacant ready status in plenty of time for early arrivals. Georgia communicates the hotel needs to both laundry shifts to ensure maximizing of all our resources. To watch Georgia move is like watching a finely tuned orchestra playing a melody that resonates in your head all day long. Georgia brings great comfort to our Executive Housekeeper and me when she is on duty because of her understanding and attention to details but more so her calm attitude and willingness to do, “whatever it take” to get the job done. Another one of Georgia’s gifts is her gift with a needle and thread. Georgia makes it her mission to ensure all Team member uniforms are hemmed to size, buttons sewn on straight, and guest room sheers are always in great shape waiting for that next guest. Georgia does all of this on her own time and does not accept pay, it’s just part of the Georgia experience. I guess it’s like a grandmother wanting her grandkids looking their best on picture day. It is for these reasons we feel Georgia is deserving of the Spirit of CARE Award and look for a favorable outcome on her nomination. Before you deliberate there is one more fact about Georgia that completes her story. Back when Georgia was approximately 5 years old she was injured in an accident rendering her totally deaf and unable to speak. Georgia performs her daily duties and communicates with all our Team with a pen and paper. But don’t feel sorry for her because that is not her, just understand she does a remarkable job and does not let her inability to hear or speak keep her from what she loves so much and that is being the very best at what she does and giving the gift of warmth and love to all who come into contact with her. That is Georgia Campbell and that is her story… ——— The hotel currently is in the top 25% of the brand and has risen as high as top 10% of the brand. January, March, and August featured our highest Cleanliness of Guestroom scores. January boasted a healthy 80%, March boasted a 82.6%, and August boasted a 80.5%. We contribute some of this success to the cleanliness of bed linen and bath terry. With Georgia working and leading the Team focusing on the attention to details ensuring that no stained or spotted linen or terry make it back to guestrooms makes for a cleaning room and happier guests.


Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Topic(s): The Spirit Award

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