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Winning Spirit of Embassy Suites Nomination.

This is a great nomination because it gives details that led to specific results. The most important part of a nomination is not always what a Team Member did, but how their actions affected guests, teammates, the hotel, and the community. This nomination illustrates how Yuli’s commitment to the team builds loyalty, low turnover, the ability for Team Members to cover for each other, and the impact of Team Members she has trained. It’s an example and a wow!

I have worked with Yuli Tharp-vilk since 1998. She came to work for the Embassy Suites Santa Clara as a Restaurant Manager in 1998, left briefly in 2006 and returned as Restaurant Manager again in 2007. All the years she has worked for us and she has embodied Hilton core values. Yuli is responsible for the Complimentary Breakfast, Complimentary Bar, Restaurant and Bar. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, she is always working along with her staff with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and laughter. Our weekends are busy, like every Embassy Suite, and she leads by example and works every weekend. Sounds like any dedicated manager, right? The difference is, through the years, Yuli, single handedly trains Buspersons to Server, Room Service, and Bartenders. She is aware of the high standard of living in the Bay Area. A Busperson’s wage and tips are difficult to survive on. She encourages her staff to do more, learn more and make a better life for yourself and family. One Team Member started his career with us as a Busperson, and with Yuli’s encouragement, he is our best lunch server and PT bartender. Another teammate also started as a Busperson, Yuli trained him to be a server, in time became our Room Service Server and just recently promoted to our full time Bartender. While he was our Room Service Server, he brought up SALT scores 20 points. Yet another Team Member is following these past footsteps. He too, started as a Busperson, learned serving and hosting, starting to learn bartending. We have more Buspersons in the wings to be developed.. These are current team members, but dozens have come and gone that Yuli is credited for developing. Yuli’s commitment to her team builds loyalty. When a team member calls off their shift in her departments, no one panics. Since many of her team members are cross train to do more than their job, team members take on extra duties to fill the absent team member’s responsibilities. Her department runs seamless. Yuli was recognized by one of our Regional Director. He engaged with her staff, he was impressed with everyone on her team of their hospitality and how personable they are. He knew she is the one responsible for leading this team and praised her highly. Yuli’s dedication and integrity to her staff and hotel has built an unbreakable bond and an unconditional trust. Her department has low turnover and if there is a position open, it’s for Busperson. Yuli is deserving of the Spirit of Pride award, she embodies HILTON’s value, lives it, demonstrates it daily. ——— Yuli’s business philosophy increases team member morale, she has low turnover which affects the business. There is familiarity with our guests and reassures them, they are coming home.


Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Topic(s): The Spirit Award

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