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Winning Spirit of Hampton Nomination.

This nomination was chosen because it showcased several specific actions that directly led to results. Instead of just saying, “Elizabeth always goes the extra mile,” the nomination has highlighted great deeds, such as taking guests to lunch, baking a cake, and working hard to find cookies. Even better, the nomination shows that these acts directly affected SALT scores and guest comments!

I want to start off by sharing this image. Elizabeth is such a friend to our guest that in our reviews she is one of the top words entered into our surveys. That alone shows how brightly she shines, but let me share some details as to why that is. Not too long ago, we had a group in for about a week. They rented rooms and were utilizing our meeting space during the days. They only had 2 vehicles to transport the entire group and they were trying to find food after their meeting had braked for lunch. Well, a few people grabbed the keys before conferring with everyone and they left everyone else stranded. They couldn’t order delivery because by the time it would arrive, their meeting would start again. Well, (talk about timing) Elizabeth came in just about that time because she was meeting up with me and a couple other people from work to grab lunch. Now please understand, she was not working and when she was talking to the guests and found out that they were stranded, she said well who wants a ride to taco bell? So she took a few people (after they got everyone’s orders) and drove them to and from taco bell. This was on her DAY OFF! If you only knew what she did every day while actually at work. Another example is this past week we had guest in and Elizabeth was talking to them about dinner, and St. Louis specialties. One of them being ooey gooey butter cake. The guests were unsure if they wanted to try it and Elizabeth said how about I just make some and bring it in tomorrow for you guys. They couldn’t believe it, and were so excited when she brought it in. (They loved it, of course) Another time a guest preferred macadamia nut cookies instead of what we actually had. So she called our nearby grocery store, and they said if she came by, that they would give her a free batch. So she picked them up and delivered it to the guest. They couldn’t believe it. Those guest have continued to come back, and they have said it is specifically because of Elizabeth. Here are a few other guest comments. “The staff were wonderful, particularly Elizabeth, who organized a surprise Anniversary card signed by the staff for us during our stay.” “Elizabeth is like family to me and my other colleagues” “The staff is awesome and especially Elizabeth,… She was working the first time I stayed there and actually remembered me and my group when we came back. She went out of her way to provide us with some items we needed and she didn’t even act like it was a big deal or any kind of inconvenience. We all love Elizabeth…” “Elizabeth came and talked to us and told us all about St. Louis and was extremely helpful and truly friendly – it wasn’t forced seeming.” “Elizabeth at the front desk was exceedingly helpful and Hamptonality friendly!! When we took our kids down to the pool, she immediately rolled down a cart of pool toys.” Elizabeth truly is a breath of fresh air to all of our guest and to all of us employees. ——— She is one of the HUGE reason that we are ranked so high in our salt scores. She also has had many return guest specifically asking for her and expressing that her service and others like her in service, is why they choose to stay at hamptons. And things like the ooey cake are the type of things that get guest sharing with family and friends and online sites about how great she and hamptons are.


Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Topic(s): The Spirit Award

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