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Winning Spirit of Hilton Worldwide Nomination.

This nomination got a lot of attention because it gives specific details and solid results. The nomination explains exactly what Lisa did to be considered such a strong performer, and how she continues to improve herself and make a difference for others. It’s all about the details! The nomination also says what happened as a direct result of Lisa’s actions, and how she helped change course for the better.

Lisa has exemplified the Hilton Values in her time here and has proven herself as a top performer. Lisa’s workload is extremely full for her position as she currently supports 10 hotels. Typical workload for this position is 8-9 hotels. In addition to an extremely full workload, Lisa volunteered to take on a larger hotel, Houston Americas, and provide Analyst only support for them. Lisa was chosen, as she was a strong performer to pilot test this new service model. In addition to being a larger hotel than we usually support, there were extra difficulties in that Lisa also had to take the time to complete a three week timing study documenting how long the tasks took for this hotel relative to a normal hotel we would support. Lisa accomplished all this while staying on top of her training schedule and completing modules in a manner that placed her 4 months ahead of schedule from a development standpoint. If that were not enough, Lisa also has taken on 13 projects from other managers in the center to assist during her down time. Revenue managers in other work groups have actively sought out Lisa and come to me requesting her because they know she will deliver high quality project work and consistently meet deadlines. Lisa has gone above and beyond coordinating many of the efforts for our workgroup including team outings, birthday events, and other celebrations. She exemplifies the values and this has inspired others on our team and in our office to strive for the heights that Lisa has been able to attain this year. ——— In addition to completing numerous projects for folks in the office, Lisa’s efforts have resulted in additional business for our office and the consideration of a new service model that would provide analyst only support for larger “big box” hotels. Lisa has shown the model is financially viable, works within the timing constraints established, and has received great feedback from those on property she is supporting.


Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Topic(s): The Spirit Award

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