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Winning Spirit of Homewood Suites Nomination.

This is a very well-rounded nomination. The nomination illustrates several small, in-depth acts Jesse does that add up to a huge difference for guests, teammates, the hotel, and the community. Instead of saying the Jesse makes a difference, it shows how by saying exactly what he does. Even better, the nomination gives solid, measurable results that prove Jesse’s a deserving winner!

Jesse Hines is one of the most engaged and effective Sales Managers I have worked with in the past 25 years! He has been employed at the Homewood Suites for three years. He began his career on the Front Desk and was promoted within one year to the Sales Manager position. He drives the sales culture at the hotel! Jesse has spent many hours training, re-training and engaging our entire hotel team in our “IAmSales” culture, gaining every associate’s commitment. Every single person at the Homewood Suites knows how important they are to our bottom line! The results of his efforts are very clear. Our occupancy is up Year over Year +13.5%! Revpas +9.25% and a whopping extended stay increase of 17%! It is amazing that we’ve had this level of success with our best season still in front of us! I would like to mention that 2011 was a record breaking year for us as far as occupancy, revenue and revpas. It is absolutely incredible that we are so far ahead this year compared to last! As much as he enjoys Sales, he is equally passionate about Revenue Management. He works daily with the General Manager to identify shifts in demand and makes recommendations to maximize revenue and occupancy indices. He reviews and responds to brand guest surveys as well as online reviews. The Homewood Suites by Hilton Champaign-Urbana recently received the TripAdvisor “Award of Excellence” for consistently delivering a great guest experience. We’ve also been recognized by Yelp in their “People Love Us” category. Jesse has built solid partnerships with the Champaign businesses. The owners and I recently received a wonderful letter from an organization that has over 25,000 members in 50 countries. Some of the highlights of this letter are “I’ve worked with not-so-good, average, good and great hotel staff over the years. Yours is one of the “greats.” Your staff, across the board, is the friendliest, can-do staff I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Your hotel is clean beyond compare. It’s such a pleasure to work with these very talented people and know before the question is even asked what the answer will be, “no problem.” I’d like to finish with my biggest thank you for hiring Jesse Hines. What a catch! He is always professional, helpful and friendly. I’ve worked with Jesse several times over the last couple of years and he is just the best!” Our Front Desk Manager was devastated by a death in her immediate family. She of course, had to be absent for an extended period of time. Jesse did not hesitate to offer his assistance. This was a week when the meeting room was in use 6 out of 7 days with 5 banquet food functions and several room flips. We were running 94.5% occupancy and had not one but two new front desk associates. Jesse stepped in and provided support to the front desk team, handled guest situations that normally would have fallen to our Front Desk Manager, answered an incredible number of “how to” questions from the new associates and did it all with a great deal of grace. As he was holding up the front of the house, he continued to excel at his own job, never missing a call or deadline. Jesse is regularly nominated for Employee of the month. He consistently and respectfully requests to be excluded; preferring to pass this recognition and reward on to another associate. He is quite humble when it comes to accepting accolades. I have listed below a few of the statements made on his nomination forms. “He works hard and is always smiling. He is dedicated to the job & the property” “True pleasure to work with. He wears many hats and gets involved with everything from Sales, to the Kitchen to Security” Jesse is very committed to the Champaign community. He volunteers at a local “soup Kitchen” that provides daily meals to those in need. While working on the serving line, he is kind, cordial and attempts to engage those he’s serving. He has such a positive attitude and a great smile; people enjoy and appreciate their interaction with him. He is so positive in his approach that they seem to forget their troubles for a little while. He clearly positively impacts their self esteem. Jesse is committed to early childhood education. In 2011 Homewood Suites by Hilton partnered with “Books for Kids” Foundation. This opened the door to a great local opportunity. Jesse contacted the Champaign County Head Start program and has arranged 2 book readings annually. At these readings he distributes over 150 books. Additionally, he contacts the Head Start Director at the beginning of the school year to assess their needs. This is the second year that we will be providing pencils, crayons and paper. He also supports the efforts of the Illini After Five Rotary. Every year this group provides over 2,100 dictionaries to 30 elementary schools providing one for every third grade student. Education and partnerships are very high on Jesse’ list of priorities! ——— Jesse is one of the most often mentioned associates in our SALT surveys and GM congratulatory emails! His partnerships with both local and national accounts is amazing. He has gained the loyalty of several new accounts. For example, Flex n Gate, Cray International and Shaw Group to name a few. He has been very successful shifting market share from our competitors. YOY we are experiencing significant gains in all indicies. Occupancy is up 13.5% Revpas is up 9.25% and extended stay is up 17%! I would like to mention that these numbers are ahead of 2011, which was our best and most successful year ever! To be so far ahead of a record breaking eyar is a testament to his success!


Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Topic(s): The Spirit Award

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