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Winning Spirit of the Garden Nomination.

This nomination is special because it gives several specific examples of how Brooke made a huge difference for guests, teammates, the hotel, and the community. Great nominations are all about details, and this one had plenty. Even better, the nomination provided solid, measurable results of Brooke’s actions!

Brooke has earned this nomination for several specific reasons, encompassing the Hilton Garden Inn values that we strive to uphold. Brooke shows great dedication to her fellow team members. During one week in September two co-workers suffered from tragedies and Brooke immediately came to their aide. One co-worker’s family lost everything due to Hurricane Isaac flooding their town. When Brooke found out she immediately started a food/clothing/toy drive for this family. She spearheaded the drive and turned it into a huge success, providing this family with items that they desperately needed. The second tragedy, happening just days after, was a house fire that resulted in a second co-worker losing everything. Brooke assisted by raising money to buy groceries for the family and once again started a collection of items that the family needed. Brooke is always demonstrating compassion for the community. After Hurricane Isaac devastated parts of Louisiana, Brooke purchased dog and cat food to be sent up to then be handed out to pet owners who could no longer provide for their four legged family members. Brooke has also contributed by co-chairing a fundraiser to raise money and needed items for our local animal shelter. This year Brooke took charge of our Catch Me program. She was a favorite amongst guests because of her hospitality and charm. She was caught many times but excluded herself from the “Catch of the Week” program so that others may have the opportunity to win the weekly raffles. In an effort to raise SALT scores, Brooke has created a “Perfect Check-In” chart. This chart keeps track of the front desk employees’ perfect check-ins and creates a friendly competition among the front desk employees, encouraging them to strive for the perfect guest experience. During a routine fire inspection, Brooke went and personally walked the halls searching for employees and guests to give ear plugs to. We avoided complaints regarding the alarms sounding, and had a successful safety test! ——— The Perfect Check in Chart that Brooke created has helped increase our “Delivery of Hilton Honor Benefits” and for July and August we received a 100 in this category, with June being 42.9!



Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Topic(s): The Spirit Award

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